Am I Doing Enough to Homeschool My Child?

It is the parents responsibility to provide instruction for your child.
Is your child working at their ability level?

Have you completed the legal responsibilities as a homeschool parent?

  1. Did you submit your notice of intent.

  2. Are you maintaining your portfolio.

  3. Each year, on or before the anniversary of filing the letter of intent submit an annual evaluation.

It is completely normal to be question your homeschooling. Typically It shows how much you love your children and take your job seriously!

     You are on a new adventure. Each year we homeschool we are a 'new teacher' for the grade level our child is in. I felt this "anxiety" throughout our homeschool journey.
     I encourage homeschool families to do a lot of hands on learning when they are little. As your children approach high school age, the focus on academic study will will increase, and hands-on-learning opportunities will decrease. I do not regret the adventures we had when my boys were little.
     My first few evaluations were very stressful. The evaluators had a lot of spoken 'requirements'. As a result of the anxiety that I had showing their portfolios to evaluators, I made the Easy Fl Homeschool Evaluation website to allow the homeschool family to connect with me throughout the year.
During the year upload samples of your child's work. (I ask for samples at the beginning, middle and end of the year) A sample can be worksheets, photographs, and videos. The videos can be uploaded or recorded directly into the website platform. For younger children, I love seeing videos- the video progression in the year shows so much growth.) This way we are in contact throughout the year and there is NO stress at the end of the year. It's about enjoying the journey of exploration and learning, not about stressing that you satisfied what an evaluator wants!!
     I have seen some people react that such an evaluation will be expensive. This type of evaluation is $30 a year for the first two children, each additional child in the family is $20. Pay $15 at the beginning of the year for access to the website. At the end of the year pay $15 (first two children, $5 each additional), then use the online tool to schedule a zoom meeting. Your letters are available to download immediately.