Can a Homeschooler Dual Enroll at the College?

Yes, homeschool students can dual enroll at the local college.  The decision to enroll in college courses is a serious decision.  All grades received in college courses become part of their permanent record.  Even a "W", or withdrawal from a course is listed on their permanent college record.  

  1. Contact the local college to determine the requirements for high school dual enrollment admission. The college often has a dual enrollment office and they can answer your questions better than the college addmissions office.
  2. Take the required entrance exams. These tests may include:
    • ACT
    • SAT
    • PERT test
  3. Prepare for college level courses. As a college student, the child must be able to speak for themselves. Mom, Dad, or any other person can not speak for the child. (The only exception for this is a child who, under the disibalities act, needs to have an advocate)