FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started?

  1. Legally, if your child was enrolled in public school you must inform the school that you have decided to homeschool.   Each school district has different paper work to fill out, so please contact the school to get the proper paperwork.   
  2. File a letter of intent to the homeschool office / superintendent of your district.

How do I stop homeschooling?

  1. Perform an educational evaluation for your child.
  2. Submit a letter of termination and annual evaluation to the school district superintendent upon enrollment in a public or private school or moving from the district.

What is a portfolio?

A portfolio is a record of your child's learning.  Click to open the Portfolio Page.

What is a homeschool portfolio evaluation?

A certified Florida Teacher reviews the materials in the portfolio of educational activities and samples of work to determine if your child has made progress commensurate with their ability.

How do I submit the portfolio evaluation letter to the county?

Each county has a process for submitting the portfolio evaluation.
Click here to find your county homeschool information.

Should I give my child a Nationally Normed Assessment?

A Nationally Normed Assessment is an option to determine what level your child is academically. However, if your child is not working with Nationally Normed curriculum, then the testing will not necessarily be representative of your child's abilities.  If you do choose to give a Nationally Normed Assessment, you may choose to ask a Certified Teacher to review the results and send in a Portfolio Assessment Evaluation. 

How long should I homeschool my child each day?

Homeschooling will look as unique as each individual does.  There is no specific answer to this question.  A child in Kindergarten may only require a half hour of one-to-one tutoring daily, whereas a high school student taking dual enrollment courses may need to work 8 hours a day learning their lessons. 

Does my child need a diploma? How do I get one?

Technically, no.   A child that is continuing their education in college will be admitted by a combination of their ACT and/or SAT scores, the transcript you make, and any  tests the college requires.    For a child that is not continuing on to college, it might depend on their path as to what is required.

Do I need to register with an Umbrella School?

Many people wrongly believe that they need to enroll with an Umbrella School to have more privacy in their homeschooling.   This is not correct.  An Umbrella school is required by law to follow the private school statutes.  An Umbrella school will require immunization records, attendance records, curriculum, and possibly other records.   

What are different methods of homeschooling?

I would like to put together different methods of homeschooling.  If you could take a few minutes to share the methods you use, I would appreciate it I will add more to this section over time. Please e-mail wendy@easyflhomeschoolevaluation.com

My child is non-verbal. How will I show progress?

Short video files from throughout the year, a list of educational activities, and photos can show the progress your child makes throughout the year. Is your child working on learning new skills? Highlight these skills.

What resources can I use at the Public School?

Depending on the school district your child may be able to take classes, participate in school clubs, band, chorus, and athletic teams at the local school. Contact your local school to determine what they will allow homeschool students to participate in. The local school district is an option for taking PSAT, SAT, ACT, and AP exams.

My child has developmental delays. How will I show progress?

Short video files from throughout the year, a list of educational activities, and photos can show the progress your child makes throughout the year. Is your child working on learning new skills? Highlight these skills.

Can my child take classes with FLEX and Florida Virtual School?

Absolutely! You may choose to supplement their education with Virtual classes.

Do I need to have a Florida Teacher Certification to teach my children?

Parents do not need the be certified to teach their children.  However, if you higher someone to lead the homeschooing for your child, then the leader of teh homeschool must be a certified teacher.   It is suggested that you lead your homeschool program, and high tutors to help your child.    

At the end of the year the portfolio assessment must be completed by a Certified Teacher, or one of the other evaluations need to be completed and submitted to the District Superintendent.   

Can I hire someone to homeschool my children?

When parents hire someone to 'homeschool their children' they are no longer homeschooling  their children.  As a result, the person hired must be a certified teacher.  It is advised to homeschool your children, and provide a tutor for the child.  This way you are still the lead of your homeschool.    

How do I know my child is ready for the next grade?

The child will automatically be placed in the next consecutive grade at the end of the year if a portfolio evaluation states the child made progress commensurate with ability, or the testing shows progress.  As a parent, you determine the academic goals for your child.  If you are using a commercial curriculum with grade levels, it is advised to read the teacher documentation to determine how much and what level of the curriclum must be completed to move to the next level.

Do I have to follow the public school calendar?

No!  As a homeschool you determine when the learning takes place.  (If you are enrolled in an umbrella school, then you have different requirements and are not considered a homeschool)  As a homeschool registered through the county you are not required to school for a specific number of days, or for a specific number of hours a day.     

What can homeschool children do for extracurricular activities?

There are many opportunities for homeschool children.   Zoos, Museums, art centers, libraries, homeschool coops, YMCA, parks and recreation departments, ... provide classes, seminars, camps and activities that can supplement your homeschool. 

How do I make a homeschool transcript?

First, go to the Florida Department of Education website and determine what is required for graduation.  There are different levels based onyour child's academic ability.  When you determine the highest level your child is able to complete, begin writing the courses your child completed / or is planning on completing to satisfy each requirement.  Please contact me if you need help making a transcript .