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Please only sign up to this course after you have paid full price for two children for  Homeschool Evaluation 2021

**  Allow 24 business hours for each of these children to be added into the Evaluation site for entering their records.

Cost of 2021 Evaluations:

$30 for first 2 children
$20 each additional child  - Sale $10 for month of May, June, and July

It is the End of the YEAR!!    

Now is time to finish the year with a a portfolio evaluation and celebration of a successful school year!

For those who find themselves signing up for an evaluation at Easy Florida Homeschool Evaluation Website for an Evaluation at the end of the year, this is the Evaluation Course for you!

All work can be uploaded to one Section.   

Directions for completing a Portfolio Evaluation

Cost of 2021 Evaluations:

$30 for first 2 children
$20 each additional child  - Sale $10 for month of May

If you would like to start your evaluation preparation, however, you want to pay at the end of the year, then this is the option for you.  The cost of evaluation at the end of the year is $30 per person.  (For families with more than 2 children, the cost is $30 for each of the first two students, then $5 for each additional child.)

Enrollment in this course does NOT give free access to the calendars, bookmarks and other files that are available to those who pay 1/2 of the evaluation fee at the beginning of the year and 1/2 of the evaluation cost at the time of scheduling the video call.  You will have the option of purchasing the resources for $5 after registering for this evaluation option.

Please send an email to:  easyflhomeschool@gmail.com   to be added to the 2021 Evaluation "Pay at the end of the Year" uploading site.

Get started with your 2021 Evaluation Early.   

For 2021 Annual Evaluation, I am asking for a payment of $15 to store your records on the computer system.   As the year progresses, I will review your submissions, therefore you will know that you are on your way to getting your evaluation completed.  As your child(ren) accomplish tasks, you can upload the files.  (Uploaded files on the website should not take the place of keeping a portfolio of your child's records.  I will NOT give anyone access to your records.)

When you are ready for your letter of Portfolio Evaluation, pay $15 for the evaluation (first 2 children, $5 each additional child), use the online scheduler to setup a Video call, and during the call your letter is available for download. 

I am excited to see all that you accomplish in your homeschool.

Wendy Harper

High School Photography Course

This is for College Math Students to Communicate with Mrs. Harper

The "Course" is just for scheduling Tutoring.  

Algebra I & Geometry A will be a combination of Algebra I and Geometry.   

The course will have live Zoom sessions as well as online self-graded lessons.

Please contact me for more information.